There may be damage with hot water

There may be damage with hot water

This post is for you too, young me(There may be damage with hot water)n and women trying to lose weight or cure constipation with hot water. Did you know that eating or drinking anything too hot reduces a person’s lifespan, aging quickly, and reduces their ability to fight disease? Because hot water becomes more dry and acidic in nature. As a result, dryness in the organs of the digestive system begins to increase and natural lubrication begins to disappear. First of all, let me tell you that out of millions of species in the world right now, only human beings are the ones who eat and drink most of the things by heating. While all other creatures always eat and drink cold. In fact one day we heard this epic from the holy Bani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, “Rukhi Sukhi Khai Kai, Thandha Pani Piyo”. Then we started investigating. But many ancient medical books say to drink only hot water and half an hour after a meal.

We finally started contacting various experts and food and nutrition-related universities to get to the bottom of it. He also did a lot of history. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that we should not eat anything too hot. Instead, eat cold food. In the old day’s water was never drunk hot, nor was water drunk on an empty stomach as it is today. Back then, water was scarce and water was brought from far and wide. Because there were no taps, tube-wells, canals, culverts, Sarovar, etc. like today. At that time there were only one or two wells in a village. Farming was also done with the rain. Water was considered very valuable. That is why water has the status of a god. The rivers were usually overcrowded. Or the areas that used to have more human population. Rainwater was stored there. In the old days, the rainfall was less. Then there was famine. That is why man sometimes had to leave some areas due to lack of water. That is why water was allowed to be drunk with great reluctance.

For example, today lassi, yogurt, milk are not allowed to be drunk again and again as it is expensive but you can drink as much water as you like. In the same way lassi, yogurt, milk could be drunk as much as you wanted but drinking water again and again was forbidden. By the way, with the meal, a large glass of lassi was given to everyone to drink. So there was not much need for water because milk, yogurt, lassi, etc. have a lot of water. In the same way, spices, salt, pepper, etc. were not used then as they are today, nor did they eat anything fried. Back then, salt was also a staple. They did not eat sea salt, which is as irritating as it is today. That is why those people did not have diseases like acidity, constipation, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis, etc. But people who do not drink water with food are more prone to such diseases. In fact, if one does not drink water with such spicy foods, one will get irritated.

People who developed acidity after eating, we asked them to drink raw lassi or cold milk two or three times a day, then their very old acidity was cured. Over the past few decades, there has been an increase in diseases related to the digestive system. In fact, most people are now eating everything hot. Due to this the membrane of the internal organs of their digestive system has become dry and weak. As a result, their stomach becomes heavier, flatulence, bloating, burning, sour belching, etc. The habit of eating hot food can damage the food pipe and the sensors in the mouth. As a result, every person finds every food tasteless and is always accustomed to hot food. That way he gets more calories and digests food faster. As a result, obesity increases more quickly in the abdomen. Early blood glucose levels increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes. Similarly, eating spicy and salty peppers increases BP, cholesterol, uric acid etc. In fact, once people get used to eating hot tea, milk, hot vegetables, hot bread, etc.,

they get into the habit of drinking too much tea, sweet in milk and hot lentils, salt, pepper, and spices in vegetables. Getting into the habit of eating. They can’t even eat yogurt without adding chillies and only add salt to salads and fruits. Thus they cannot eat plain or pale. Such people destroy themselves with their own hands. Their teeth, gums and gums get damaged very quickly. After eating Otpatang and causing severe damage to the body, YouTube also removes the remaining cancer by trying the Otpatang prescriptions of Vedas. In fact, most people on YouTube get weird poor conditioned recipes so that people like their channel as much as possible. They actually make money from ads on their channel. Most of them do not even have basic knowledge about health. Many of them are protesting for their own or their children’s health and are telling people about conditional obesity reduction, conditional hair lengthening, conditional glasses removal, etc. We will get posts about this again later.

Now let’s just talk about drinking hot water or drinking with food. First of all, let’s talk about Sikhism which is a brand new religion. From the very beginning in Sikhism, it is customary to eat cold langar. Even in every Gursikh family, after preparing food, prayers were first offered in the same way as in the langar of the Guru’s house, and then cold food was eaten by sitting on the banjo and beating the quartet. Like the house, water was also distributed in the langar at the same time. The water was also plain and cool. Similarly, reading about all the gods and goddesses of Hinduism who have become warriors, it is clear that they also always ate cold and plain. Now let’s talk about science. According to science, we need to burn enough calories to eat or drink water below our body temperature and to regain our body temperature. But drinking hot or lukewarm water burns fewer calories and provides some more energy due to heat. Many people believe that drinking hot water reduces obesity by sweating which is wrong and some people think that hot water loses fat. In fact, hot water cannot reach the fat stored in the human body. Many people try to reduce obesity by drinking empty water. However, it can be very dangerous to health and also to the kidneys.

Because drinking too much water upsets the balance of blood pH value and minerals. As a result, the body may develop a tendency to accumulate more water. If a person eats too little and drinks too much hot water, his body will go into crisis. He is deficient in nutrients. This makes her skin loose. Hormones go bad. Enzymes also start to become less. Such a person is prone to old age and infections. Similarly, those who argue for drinking water at a distance from food must have another piece of information. Everyone’s digestive system is different. Someone’s food makes more mouth-watering and someone’s less. Similarly, drinking less water can cause problems for some and more for others. That is, one has constipation and the other has the opposite. This means that no doctor in the world can determine who should eat how much and when. But everyone’s body can tell exactly what kind of food or drink they should have. So if you feel thirsty while eating, be sure to drink. If you can, don’t drink by force.

From the time of waking up in the morning till five or six o’clock in the evening, one should drink a glass or a cup of plain water every hour but never more than one glass so as not to affect the kidneys. However, people get entangled in the body by getting into bad habits. Eating or drinking hot or overeating is also a bad habit and nothing more. The poor and the beggars always eat cold and little. They are much healthier than the rich who eat everything hot and eat a lot. We have been in the habit of eating cold for many years. No matter where we go in the mountains, we never drink bottled water. Wherever we find clean water from a waterfall, lake, creek, river, or chow we drink from there.

At home, we also eat a lot of milk, ghee, butter, cream, dried fruits, etc. but still are slim trim, and healthy. In fact, eating cold or drinking cold makes your digestion a little weaker or slower. Obesity does not result. But anything hot or fast speeds up digestion. As a result, the person becomes obese quickly. We also take a bath with very cold water. It is also healthy and helps reduce obesity. However, all over the world, bathing was always done with natural or river water. In India, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Afghanistan, etc., bathing is still done with cold water in most areas. However, people who suffer from body aches, arthritis, anemia, weakness, diabetes, sore throat, cough, fiber, low BP, etc. should take a bath with lukewarm water. But you should not take a bath with too much hot water. 

damage with hot water

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