Stay young forever

Stay young forever Everyone desires to remain wholesome and young forever. Birth and dying are an inescapable reality. Who is born? He dies. There aren’t any two opinions on this. On the opposite, your improper life-style, improper meals, and all the time carelessness in the direction of your valuable physique can by no means hold you young and wholesome. So we’ve to take a look at find out how to keep wholesome and healthful. Getting grey or say, having white hair just isn’t previous age. The physique is the signal of your youth. In the previous days, kings and maharajas, We have all seen older folks consuming 100 to 100 years of age by consuming well-balanced and well-balanced meals and now the typical is 60-65. The purpose is that unclean and counterfeit meals is destroying each thought of ​​residing a protracted life. 

Stay young forever Everyone

So at present we’ve to bear in mind and purify our foods and drinks and take shelter of Ayurveda and observe the identical pure recipes and good diets as earlier than. P. Heart Attack Kidney Disease More critical sicknesses can by no means result in longevity. So expensive readers, do not mess along with your well being, attempt to get pleasure from a protracted life by adopting the vegetation and herbs standing in entrance of you. First of all, hold your abdomen wholesome for longevity. Your abdomen is harmless. What you set in it’s what your physique wants. Therefore, good and seasonal fruits, inexperienced greens, besides bitter fried cheese, quick meals, sizzling chili spices. Use solely home made lassi, yogurt, and natural merchandise. We construct homes like high-2 girls. When it involves the price of a valuable physique.

 Then we clasp our arms. Give the physique good and invaluable meals. Nature has produced herbs to your physique from head to toe. Which doesn’t permit early-2 to get sick. The divine weed to your thoughts is the conch flower. For the eyes are carrot juice, fennel, almonds. Aloe vera is a sweetener to maintain the physique glowing. The radiance of the face doesn’t permit loosening within the pores and skin, for the lungs are bamboo, carrot, basil, ginger. Arjuna for the guts, Punarnava for the liver, Bhoomi Aonla, Sarfoka are fennel for the abdomen, Celery, Kaur Tumma, There is mint. These are their important organs. There are herbs to maintain them wholesome. On the opposite, there are lots of different herbs. So develop it within the house backyard with ardour and save your self and save the household. 

Now let’s discuss. Before utilizing all these invaluable prescriptions to maintain the physique young, you could hold your abdomen proper. Avoid it.
-As quickly as you get up within the morning on an empty abdomen, eat 4 fingers of aloe vera by breaking the anus. After roti, take Suhajana powder with 1 tablespoon of divine chemical milk within the morning and night. What will occur with this Aloe vera will hold your abdomen clear, hold your face glowing. The knee is not going to harm the ankle. Suhajana is the treasure of advantage, it is going to hold the radiance and radiance of the face and can give full energy. You will get all of the required vitamins from it. The divine chemistry will improve your psychological energy, hold you young, undertake it and see, the course of the physique will change

 Women’s Beauty: – Kamalgata kernel, evenly heated with out sand, add roasted kernels. -Eat Chilgoje These are wealthy in B1, B2 + B6 + B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C. Take 10 to fifteen items of chewed milk every day. Eat 1 kg yearly. Weakness is not going to come for 70 years. This is winter meals. Eat solely in winter.
-Amalaki chemistry additionally prevents getting old. It is an Ayurvedic drugs.
Depending on the season, you should definitely eat juice or fruit, eat amla. It incorporates 20 instances extra vitamin C than sangatra. This will increase the physique’s immunity. Prevention of illnesses. Lowers ldl cholesterol, coronary heart illness, maintains correct weight, digestion stays good, the glow of face stays. It incorporates iron. It prevents anemia, anemia, elevated eyesight.
Soak 3 dates in somewhat cinnamon milk, eat half a spoon of poppy seeds, 5 with almonds.
-Eat pure sofa seeds after the age of 40

 Powerful Laddu: –Fenugreek seeds 350 gm 3 kg milk, desi ghee 250 gm, sugar 2 kg ginger 100 gms, pineapple and fenugreek seeds finely chopped and boiled in milk. Leave for 7 hours, then warmth and make khoya. Now warmth the ghee and fry the khoya in it. When the khoya turns brown, add sugar syrup and warmth it additional. When the laddu is prepared, make 15 grams laddu. Keep within the fridge, eat 1 laddu on an empty abdomen within the morning. Abundant energy, phrases crimson like apples, masculine energy, chilly will likely be effective.
-Return the roots dry, Gokharu 100-100 grams white musli, asvgandh, Shatavari 200-200 grams kicker lap 100 grams Brahmin white, Brahmin crimson 100-100 grams Mix 1 teaspoon sizzling milk within the morning and night on an empty abdomen. Avoid merchandise made out of yogurt and chickpeas.

Benefits: – Elderly folks get diabetes, anemia, joint ache, coronary heart illness, bladder swelling, lungs.
Boil 5 to 7 date sauce with desi ghee 15 grams milk 250 grams. When the colour of ghee turns into like a date then drink Kosa-2. It retains the physique robust.

Multi-vitamin juice: -1 carrot, 1 cucumber, 1 beetroot, 1 apple, somewhat ginger, 1 lemon, 7 leaves of small spinach, 1 tomato. Take on an empty abdomen within the morning. The pores and skin will keep young, the sunshine of the eyes will improve, the energy will improve, the liver will likely be cleansed, the pores and skin of the face will hold glowing. All these prescriptions are profitable.


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