Remove harmful substances from the kitchen

Remove harmful substances from the kitchen

Remove harmful substances from the kitchen Do not use silver, aluminum utensils. It is seen that milk and lassi etc. are used in aluminum containers to keep the substances that turn into harmful substances. The silver cooker is also harmful. White sugar is harmful to health, useless, white molasses is also bad for health, use only black molasses. Do not use rubber, plastic utensils. It is seen that plastic utensils are used for butter, flour, pickles. Do not wrap things in envelopes and store them in the refrigerator.

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Dirty envelopes are recycled. Repeated(Remove harmful substances from the kitchen) heating of food is toxic. Don’t use too much flour. Typhoid fever will not go away. Direct salt contains 38 essential nutrients for the body. White salt is harmful to health. Keep the kitchen clean. There should be no rats, cats, lizards in the kitchen. False utensils should be kept in the sink. In many homes false dishes are first cleaned by dogs and cats, then by savannas. Remove harmful substances from

Use only glass, sugar utensils to drink tea, coffee, beverages. Artificial colors should not be used. Use glass and sugar utensils. They are easily cleaned with water. Look at the glass before you drink, sometimes the glasses have a thick layer of dishwashing surf. It can enter the body and cause allergies, sores, infections, and serious illness.

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