Meet Vitamin ‘G’ Ultimate Antioxidant

Meet Vitamin ‘G’ Ultimate Antioxidant

Have you heard of Vitamin G?

Meet Vitamin ‘G’ Ultimate Antioxidant It has been called the most important research in the health sector, but most people are not aware of it.
It is not a nutrient found in food, or drinking water, sunshine, or pills.
It’s available free of charge, with no side effects, and no overdose. And it also has an impressive list of other health benefits from boosting your emotional health and reducing serious chronic inflammation.

And then, what is this mysterious “new” vitamin G and how can you get it?

In Vitamin G, “G” means “Grounding”, and you can get it by walking outside barefoot – also known as “Earthing”.

Doesn’t it seem to be true or very simple?

 (Usually, the best things for health are cheap and easy).
Then fasten your seat belts and try to find them, as there are many published studies that demonstrate the long-term health benefits of skin-to-ground reconnection with the Earth’s surface.

But how does it work? Who can it help? And how do you know if you are getting enough vitamin G? Many questions come to mind.
Read on to find out more about this wonderful free source of natural medicine: 

How does earthing work?

Meet Vitamin ‘G’ Ultimate Antioxidant

Let’s start with the part of human biology.
What most of us don’t know is that the chemicals in our body are in the form of natural electricity,
your brain system, heartbeat and brain all function like electrical waves. When one of these natural impulses is disturbed, your body’s circulatory system suffers and you become diseased, diseased.

Now, speaking of geology , the
earth is electrically in nature and provides us with an unlimited supply of negatively charged electrons to promote health. These electrons act as antioxidants.
How nice it would be if you went out barefoot after the storm. This calm-feeling electricity comes from the increase of negative ions in the air from lightning storms.
Human power is positive and our earth power is negative, let’s combine the two and you create a balanced perfect circuit.

Who can benefit from earthing?

In a word: everyone (everyone!)

Because most of us work indoors, put on shoes, and sleep on mattresses high above the ground and we don’t come into direct contact with the earth. Whether you spend the weekend hiking or bike riding outdoors, you probably have a thick shoe sole between you and the earth’s surface. This is how much time we spend with TV screens and other electronic devices (which charge everything positively), and you can see how everyone living at Greening will benefit from the skin-to-ground attack. .

Now, let’s do some in-depth research and see how going out suddenly barefoot can help you avoid terrible diseases and even get rid of the ones that have occurred.

Vitamin G, the perfect antioxidant from the earth, fights chronic inflammation and many other diseases: 

Most of the earth’s health benefits have antioxidant effects on your cells.
The main advantage of these electron-antioxidants, in addition to their anti-aging power, is their ability to help reduce inflammation, which is a major cause of more than 80 chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
It is not wise to pay too much for antioxidants in pills or anti-aging creams, when the best, and cheapest source can be right under our bare feet!

Earthing also helps to reverse insomnia.

Whatever the main cause of insomnia and other sleep problems, sleeping pills, along with all their frightening side effects, are not a long-term solution. Enter earthing. 
Studies show that connecting to the ground, walking barefoot, swimming in the ocean (saltwater is electrically-charged), or using a piping device that connects the earth to your bed, during the night of cortisol Reduces the production of (the stress hormone that keeps you awake) and resets the circadian rhythm. The same study also found a reduction in pain and stress levels as a result of low-dose cortisol.
Earthing  can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease 

The USA is considered to be the number one cause of death from heart disease in men and women in the United States, making it a major source of income. A study published in the Journal of Alternative And Complementary Medicine concluded that grounding increases the surface charge of red blood cells, thereby reducing their viscosity and clotting. The authors of that study said that the earth is considered to be the simplest but deepest way to reduce cardiovascular disease.

How to get

vitamin G The best, cheapest, and easiest way to get your daily dose of vitamin G is to walk for 20-40 minutes every morning on grass, dirt, mud, or even in the cold. . If it seems too much, try to do it a little bit all day while you are gardening, or take off your shoes before playing in the backyard with your kids.
If you live near the ocean, you can swim in the ocean or walk on the beach.
If none of these options are possible, you can also purchase your own mattress, office chair, and car grounding equipment. Grounding yoga mats are available everywhere!

Meet Vitamin ‘G’ Ultimate Antioxidant

With all our modern stress and chronic ailments, it is refreshing to see how simple, pleasurable activities like Earth can restore key aspects of your health and prevent some of the deadliest diseases in our country. .
The benefits to your cardiovascular health and other chronic reactions can only be achieved by walking barefoot
. This proves here that the best things in health (and in life) are usually simple.
Enjoy your “Vitamin G”!

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