If you want good health then take 5 minutes and read this article

If you want good health then take 5 minutes and read this article

Man is also a strange thing. (If you want good health then take 5 minutes) First, he gets fat by eating unnecessarily, and then he starts dieting to reduce obesity. Especially among women, the tendency to diet is increasing a little too much.

We also fight against the fact that just as obesity is bad for our health, dieting or fasting is bad for our body, but it is also bad for our health because we often do not diet properly

It is customary to fast or go hungry one day a week whether in terms of health or religious beliefs. But if we look closely, what do we do that day? Either we don’t eat cereals on that day, that is, we eat fried potatoes in a lot of ghee instead of bread, or we don’t eat a single loaf of bread, but in the afternoon we eat more sugar than before. Then what is the use of such fasting or dieting!

Let’s say you don’t really eat anything one day, you only make a living by drinking water, but the other six days of the week we don’t give up eating. Girls will not have breakfast from home but go to college and do not avoid eating Tikki-samosa when they feel hungry. By doing so, will they really lose weight? This is not to lose weight but to gain it.

How much to lose weight?

Nowadays newspapers, magazines and TV Advertising is done by pressing to be thin. Lose 5 kg weight in a week and along with it a photo of a man or a woman is printed which shows that the weight of that woman or man has been reduced by coming to that slimming center or using a special medicine. Or, before he got there, his waist was so thick and his waist became so thin that he got there.

These are all ways to fool people. We all know that overeating and less physical activity can lead to weight gain, although we will never admit that we overeat. But it is a fact that obesity is caused by overeating. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

Weight loss will be followed by weight loss of less than half a kilogram in a week or two kilograms in a month.

It is also important to remember that even if you lose weight through dieting, you will start gaining weight again later due to carelessness and after stopping proper dieting.

Who should not diet

There is no doubt that proper dieting benefits everyone. However, not everyone should go on a diet. The following people should neither go on a diet nor fast:

-Whose body weight is very low.
-Those who have low blood pressure.
-Those who are diabetic.
-Those who have TB May be
-Who have stomach ulcer i.e. peptic ulcer.
-Those who have heart disease.
-Those who have cancer.

Patients with the above-mentioned diseases should not mess with their body by dieting or going hungry.

What happens to the body during dieting?

The digestive system is like a machine. When you are fasting you know that you are doing this of your own free will but your body does not think so. So he starts working in two irratinal ways: –

When we consume less amount of calories in the diet, it also slows down the unwanted activities in the body accordingly. Therefore, by fasting or going hungry, you feel weak and irritable. In addition, headaches, restlessness. And the heart begins to feel nauseous.
The second effect of starvation is as follows.
When the fast is over, the digestive system perceives the situation as if the body has become like a draft. Due to the fear that such a situation may not arise in the future, the body must store nutrients. It seems. And so there is a risk of weight gain. Similar defense mechanisms adopted by the body
Because dieting or fasting does not reduce the weight as much as it does through the body’s defenses.
So feel sorry for your body and don’t forget to fast or fast like this. The amount of weight you will lose by fasting in this way will be increased even more by taking food after fasting. Fasting should be used as a cleansing defense.

How to do it?

When you want to fast, first prepare the body for it. Do not start fasting immediately and do not start eating immediately after the fast is over. Suppose you want to fast on Monday then you should start eating light on Saturday and Sunday i.e. two days in advance like khichdi, porridge, soup, some vegetables etc. Don’t eat too much fat.

This way your body will be ready for fasting. Then when the fast is over, fruit juice or salad should be used. Don’t eat spicy or high protein foods immediately. The next day should also use a little khichri, pulses, salads, oatmeal, etc. You shouldn’t even eat your favorite food every time you eat. You can only eat this kind of food on the third day now.

Our bodies have the same eating and drinking habits as we do, such as having breakfast in the morning or eating biscuits or bhujia with tea in the evening. If you do not do this, withdrawal symptoms such as heaviness, dizziness, and irritability begin to develop. But these symptoms should not be feared.

If you really want to fast or diet, then you have to do it properly so that you can lose weight and benefit the body.

Fasting properly will give you more vitality, will give you a deeper sleep, and will make you feel lighter and more alert, and will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation to do something new.

If you find it difficult to stay hungry during fasting, you can drink plenty of water. If you wish, you can drink a glass with a little glucose or half a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt. You can also squeeze lemon in water if you want. This will also give your body some strength and help cleanse the system.

Don’t do too much physical work on the day of fasting.

You should not watch TV while eating roti as it is eaten in excess.

Never oppress yourself by keeping it empty. In this way you will get many diseases in the hope of losing weight.

Fried items like prawns, potato chips, pakoras etc. should be avoided.

Eat less sugary and fatty foods.

To lose weight in 8-10 days by exercising indiscriminately, you should not say to the side of the body. By dieting properly, you should not lose more than 500 grams in a week.

You should not continue to weigh yourself after a few days. Weight loss by will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

If possible, cycling is just as beneficial as walking in the morning and evening. In this way, extra calories are used up by the body, which helps in reducing body fat.

Don’t put undue tension on yourself. Try not to be alone. It has been observed that when a person has tension, he eats more.

You must walk for 15-20 minutes after eating bread.

Diet should be used according to your age, height, and type of physical activity. Eat a high-fiber diet.

Fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, should be used generously in the diet.

Light meals should be taken 4-5 times a day instead of heavy meals once or twice a day.

To burn extra body fat i.e. calories, one should walk instead of using a scooter. Instead of using the elevator, one should climb the stairs. It is also very important to keep yourself busy. In this way, not much attention is paid to eating and drinking. We must use our free time wisely.

good health then take

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