Eat Walnuts to stay healthy

Eat Walnuts to stay healthy

Eat Walnuts to stay healthy

Eat walnuts to stay healthy

Walnuts contain ingredients that protect against breast cancer, prostate cancer, asthma, allergies, body aches, premature aging, etc. Hair loss, recurrent colds, drowsiness, fatigue, irritability, pain in the legs and arms in the evening or at night, poor memory, recurrent stones, worsening of diabetes, swelling of the pancreas, dysfunction of the liver, nervous system

Diseases such as weakness, sperm defect, wheat allergy, pneumonia worsening, itching worsening, recurrent typhoid, early blackening of the skin in the sun, girls’ internal organs not developing properly, menstruation being more or less or with pain, Walnuts are very useful.

They can be eaten two or three times a day with one or two nuts. The best walnuts are those that can be broken or easily broken with teeth and are large in size. The elderly can be given three or four nuts a day.

Similarly, a pregnant woman should eat five or six nuts throughout the day. Children can be given 2 or 3 nuts two or three times a day. Every month since the onset of menstruation, at the beginning of winter, every girl is given a couple of nuts to eat daily, then her internal organs develop well.

Under no circumstances did he develop cancer all his life, nor did he remain childless. Similarly, children who are fed walnuts every winter are taller, smarter, more industrious, and have fewer infections.

Walnuts should always be chewed very slowly and thoroughly. They can also be eaten soaked and mixed in any panjiri, pinni, kheer, porridge, etc.

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