Easy home remedies for anemia and platelet aggregation in just 7 days

Easy home remedies for anemia and platelet aggregation in just 7 days

Easy home remedies for anemia and platelet aggregation in just 7 days

It is very important for a healthy person to have enough blood in their body. Anemia can lead to many diseases. Anemia, in particular, increases the risk of anemia and reduces the body’s ability to fight disease. Anemia in children impairs their mental and physical development.

Today we will tell you, whether there is anemia or platelets in the body. Easy home remedies to get rid of these two problems fast in just seven days.

Home remedies for anemia and platelets

Tomato juice

aggregation in just 7 days

The easiest homemade recipe for raising blood is tomato juice. Be sure to drink a glass of tomato juice daily to increase blood flow rapidly. You can also drink tomato soup, you can mix apple and tomato juice if you want.


Consumption of milk and dates

Consumption of milk and dates is very beneficial to complete the anemia in the body. For this, you must mix dates in milk and drink it every night before going to bed. Drink milk and eat dates.

Eat molasses

Molasses is an acquired mineral. It is rich in iron and contains B vitamins. Molasses helps increase hemoglobin in the body. Frequent consumption of jaggery does not cause stomach problems.

Eat pomegranate

Eating pomegranate increases the ability to fight diseases. Pomegranates are rich in iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins. In case of anemia in its body, one pomegranate must be consumed daily. This helps the anemia to heal faster.

Platelets in the body

There are many types of fluids in our blood. Containing red and white blood cells. One of them forms platelets. Their main function in our body is to stop the leakage of blood from the body.

If our body is deficient in platelets, it causes blood to flow from the nose through the ears and feces.

Easy homemade recipes to increase platelets aggregation in just 7 days

Papaya leaves

Papaya leaves are extremely useful for increasing platelets. If one’s platelets are low, be sure to give them papaya leaf juice.


Mix two spoons of honey in two pinches of gilloo powder and give it to the patient twice a day. Also, soak the stalk in water overnight and strain it in the morning. It will soon make up for the lack of platelets in the body.


Beetroot has natural antioxidant and homeostatic properties. Which completes the platelet count in a few days. Mix three tablespoons of beetroot juice in a glass of carrot juice and drink it.

Coconut water

Coconut is very useful for increasing blood platelets in the body. Coconut water contains electrolytes. Which make up for the lack of blood platelets in the body.


Pumpkin is very helpful in increasing low platelet count. It controls the proteins present in the blood cells. Which works to increase the platelet label. So when there is a lack of platelets, mix half a glass of pumpkin juice with two spoons of honey and drink it. aggregation in just 7 days

Eat gooseberries

Gooseberry is rich in Vitamin C. This increases the production of platelets. So take three to four gooseberries every morning on an empty stomach. Also, mix honey in gooseberry juice and drink it.

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