I won, I lost cancer  Iqbal Ramuwalia cancer Treatment prostate cancer

I won, I lost cancer Iqbal Ramuwalia cancer Treatment prostate cancer


Cancer is a horrible disease(I won, I lost cancer Iqbal Ramuwalia cancer) so horrible that a man sitting in a doctor’s clinic, seeing the name of cancer in the doctor’s mouth, starts to see himself burning in the fire. There are instances where many patients die of heart attacks as soon as they hear the news of oral cancer. I have been fit all my life; No major illness has ever happened to me in my entire life. In 2000, a kidney stone grew in my kidney and shook my life. My right kidney failed due to the negligence of the doctor during the operation to remove the stone; Then about a year later the doctor told me that my pancreas was also depleted so I was unable to produce enough insulin, my blood sugar level was getting too high. In 2001, my doctor ordered me to take one pill every day to control my blood sugar. Everything went well until January 2110; But in February 2010, my doctors informed me that I had cancer in my prostate.

cancer Treatment prostate cancer

As soon as I heard the name of cancer, the faces of my wife and twin daughters went down, and the deep fear in their eyes filled the umbrellas. But I took the diagnosis of cancer in a completely different light: the first thing I said to myself was that no gabby power in the world and no god could cure my cancer; No worship, no prayer, and no Naam Simran is capable of uprooting the cancer that has taken root in my flesh from my body! Second, to keep my morale high, I began to tell myself that cancer could kill the rest of the world, but not even my hair! Cancer, are you going to kill me? Listen and open your ears: Now I will kill you! Third, I reasoned with my wife and children that if I had an accident tomorrow and left this world, you would still be patient; So instead of being sad and upset, let’s try to fight cancer. Mountains of sadness and anxiety began to erode the family. Instead of falling into the trap of astrologers, astrologers, and housewives, my two daughters sat on my lap with computers in their laps and started browsing websites on the internet to find cures for cancer. My surgeon then fixed April 6, 2010, for my major operation.

About a week before the date of the operation, my daughters searched for a formula discovered by a German doctor, Dr. Johanna Budwig. My family was persuaded by my surgeon that because the cancer was so deep, it was necessary to have surgery to remove the prostate from the body so that the cancer would not spread to the rest of the body.

After the operation, my daughters asked the doctor if the prostate was gone, but did that mean the cancer would not come back? The doctor said that there was no cure for cancer; It may come again. So we immediately started using Dr. Budwig’s formula. In addition, 32 radiation treatments were performed, and now one injection of hormonal therapy is given every three months. Hormonal therapy and radiation do not necessarily frighten or frighten because the side effects are very minor.

Now the point is that I am 90% healthy. ‘Budwig formula’ I take twice a day and every morning I drink two and a half pounds of carrot juice in a home-made machine: a teaspoon of turmeric and pure pomegranate juice – half a glass – or a pomegranate Yes These products are slowly destroying my cancer cells.

At the same time, this formula has helped me control my 9-year-old diabetes. After May 2010, I dropped the sugar tablets in the trash can; And the pharmacy is gnashing its teeth at me, waiting for my prescription. I find that my blood sugar level, which is 7-8 on an empty stomach in the morning, is consistently 5 to 6.5 which is quite reasonable. This formula lowers my blood pressure and also lowers my cholesterol. The formula is so successful that my 67-year-old GJ’s 12-13-year-old Parkinson’s has recovered 75% in just 20-22 days. The three massive seizures that befell him every day said goodbye to his body. My family is amazed that even after eight months, the baldness of my fracture has started to fade. This formula is useful for all types of cancer; Letters have also appeared on the Internet stating that people with stage IV brain cancer, throat cancer, and colon cancer recovered in five to six months by consuming Budwig formula and drinking fresh carrots juice.

I have made radical changes in my lifestyle to prevent the recurrence of cancer. According to my daughters’ research, six things act as fertilizers for cancer: meat, alcohol, eggs, dairy products, sweets (of all kinds), and refined oils (which we buy from stores); So all these things, black tea, and coffee, I made a sudden negative out of my life. Because green tea is anti-cancer, I drink four to five cups of it a day. In addition, I have given special status to broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes in my diet. A small half glass of pure pomegranate juice helps to kill cancer. Pomegranates are better than juice if available. Turmeric acts as a benefactor in the roots of cancer.

Get Ready Now to Avoid Cancer!

According to medical research, cancer cells are present in every person in one form or another, but as long as these cells remain weak, they cannot establish deep feet in the body, but they always have the ability to grow strong. So I warn readers not to wait for the day when the doctor will tell you that cancer has taken root in you. Once the cancer has made a hole in your body, like the land mafia of Punjab, it becomes very difficult to get rid of it. Everyone has the illusion that everyone in the rest of the world can get cancer, but it can’t get into my body, but the reality is that cancer can grow in everyone’s body at any time, so Don’t give cancer stalks a chance to grow!

Remember that your body is what you send to your body through mouth, breath, or injections; In other words, if you eat junk food because of the taste of the tongue, then you are opening the windows of your body for diseases! Cancer can strike any woman or man at any time. Complaints of breast cancer in women are on the rise. Therefore, following the advice of doctors, health scientists, and researchers to prevent cancer, banish meat, alcohol, eggs, dairy products, sweets, refined oils, and fried foods from your and your family’s lives. Eating tandoori fish three or four times a week is very beneficial in suppressing cancer. Homemade juices of raw cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, and carrots do not allow cancer to spread near the body. Green and red vegetables/fruits fortify the body to fight many other diseases besides cancer. Also, use Dr. Budwig’s formula regularly: it doesn’t bother you with diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s, and cholesterol in life.

This formula is not a medicine but an alternative to your breakfast: get rid of pastries, omelets, and cereals and adopt the Budwig diet! This helps to get rid of many diseases as well as the tired energy in the body begins to take limbs.

How to prepare the Budwig formula:

German doctor Johanna Budwig

(September 30, 1908-May 19, 2003)

Buy a large bowl and an electric pot that looks like a blowing appetite and is called a ‘hand blender’ in English. Buy ‘Cold Pressed Flax Oil’ from Any Store: Ordinary flaxseed oil from stores is not cold-pressed, so make sure the oil to be purchased is cold-pressed. . In India, the oil can be extracted from Kohlu. Get fat-free ‘cottage cheese’ (spray milk granulated cheese in India) from any grocery store. Take equal amounts of almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, etc., and grind them in a grinder and store them in a box so that you can use it in the amount of two teaspoons every day.

Put three tablespoons of oil and six tablespoons of cottage cheese (cheese) in the pot every morning: spoonfuls should be kept flat. Knead these two ingredients with a hand blender for about 45-50 seconds then it will become a thick paste which should not show any sign of oil; If the paste is too thick, soy milk or carrot juice can be added. Your cancer formula is ready. Now add one and a half teaspoon of almond, walnut, cashew nuts etc. as desired; Finely chop apples, pears, blueberries, peaches, plums or any other fruit of your choice. People with diabetes / cancer twice a day; And those who have to take precautionary measures to avoid these diseases should eat once in the morning. When making this formula, keep in mind that fruits can be cut overnight, but oil and cheese (cheese) have to be consumed fresh every day and consumed within twenty-five minutes.

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